At North Texas Storage, our amenities are second to none! We offer:
Units sized from 5’ x 5’
to 10’ x 20’
Controlled gate access
Professional on-site
Monitored video
Vehicle storage
No fees or long-term
Free use of moving
Delivery acceptance

Storage Tips!

When wrapping breakables, tape them after you wrap them to avoid mistaking them for the excess paper used to fill the box.

Ask about climate-controlled units! If you’re storing antique furniture or important documents, they could be warped by being stored in space that’s too hot, too cold, or too humid.

If you’re storing a refrigerator, leave the door ajar to prevent mildew.

Store the items you will need most often at the front of your unit.

Come to the office at any of our locations for all your packing supplies:
Packing Tape

Our individual rolls
of tape are 55 yards
per roll—perfect
for securing 6-10
boxes. Our property
managers can help you
estimate how much
tape you’ll need for
the number of boxes
you’re packing.

Foam Wrap

Foam wrap holds
items securely in
place and provides
great protection
against scratches,
sharp edges. Use it
to protect electronics,
small appliances,
ceramics, or other
fragile items.


Wrap up all your
dishes and fragile
items in this blank
newsprint, which,
unlike regular
newspaper, will not
leave your items (and
hands) covered in ink.
This will help protect
all your items and will
keep them clean.


Dish Pack and Glass
Pack Kits—Cardboard
separators divide
the box into
compartments. Each
contains reusable foam

Wardrobe Boxes—Our
heavy duty wardrobe
each comes with their
own metal bar for
hanging clothes on
their own hangers.

Small, Medium, and
Large Boxes


It is absolutely
essential to purchase
a high quality padlock
to put on your unit
door, and we can
recommend or sell
a good brand. And
always remember to
pack your storage
unit so that your most
valuable items are at
the back.

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